Thursday, September 13, 2018

Supercharge Your Business With Custom Web Based Tools

Innerum Custom Built Web Systems

If your business doesn't have the tools it needs to run efficiently, now is the time to give yourself an upgrade. 

Businesses that don't operate in the cloud tend to fall victim to slower productivity, increased risk of mistake or misuse, lack mobility, and struggle to scale. Common excuses for not migrating is that solutions are too costly, they don't meet requirements, or that their current process or software is sufficient. Luckily, Innerum builds affordable, custom tools and web based systems that cater to your specific needs, exceeding expectations. 

Custom Cloud Software Is Attainable 

Small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs can have the same benefits that used to be exclusive to large corporations. Having your applications built and hosted by Innerum means you can easily start enjoying the luxuries of:

  • Analytics. When your data is centralized and stored in one system, not only are you able to quickly pull historic records, you can also run reports and view statistics on them. 
  • Automation. From triggered events and API's to daily summary emails and monitoring dashboards, you can let us keep you on track and fill in the manual gaps.
  • Mobility. If you've ever had weather, travel, or even being 100 feet from your desk prevent you from accessing your work, rest assured that our applications are built with responsive designs, which means they can be accessed by smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops with an internet connection. 
  • Flexibility. As your business grows and evolves, our applications can too. Why limit yourself to software that doesn't fit your needs? 
  • Reduced or Eliminated Paper. Printers, paper, and file cabinets are more than expensive, they're not environmentally friendly and take up valuable storage space in the office. Shuffling through papers takes time, has potential to be misplaced or damaged, and holds little accountability. Retaining data in the cloud eliminates or drastically cuts back these burdens.
  • Rule Based Control. Replacing Excel, Word, or any other loosely managed data means you'll be able to set standards, stay organized, and control what users enter without having to deal with incomplete work, make corrections, or interpret vague dialog. 

Let's Get Started

Innerum Tailor Made Online Tools For Business

Let us help your business's software so you can focus on the customer. Still not sure if you can benefit from Innerum's custom web based tools? Contact us below to begin a hassle free dialog discussing your needs and readiness to migrate. Tell us about your project and let's begin creating something unique.

Supercharge Your Business With Custom Web Based Tools

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